Home Owners Association

Time to bring our neighbourhood together

Neighbourhood Security

Our neighborhood security is our number one priority, we continually upgrade our systems to stay updated with the newest technologies. Did you know we have 32 cameras strategically placed throughout our subdivision? Cameras access could be available to any members wishing to have such access, please inquire if interested.

Community Center

The community center belongs to our community, our fees go towards the center’s upkeep and it is there for us to use. We have both Member and Public use Rates (inquire about member rates). There are no rental fees for community social events, if you have an idea for a social event or would like to spearhead one we are always looking for volunteers (Social event funds available). Help spread the word about our great facility, all rent collected helps us lower our yearly fees.

Outside Activities

We have a children’s playground, a firepit,  a basketball court, and a horseshoe area, simply sign out the horseshoes for a community social event or just a get-together with your friends and family. Explore our community go for a walk along the municipal reserve lands and take in the breathtaking views of the Sturgeon River. Interested in a little Golf the Sturgeon Golf and Country Club is just minutes away.


Sturgeon County provides limited services to our subdivision. In order to bring up our level of service to keep our islands and walkways pristine with shrubs and green grass cut weekly we need to pay for these extra services.

Extra Landscaping

Part of our budget goes towards “extra Landscaping.” Each year there is “extra landscaping” needed in our area, we have shrubs and trees that die off so we prioritize our spending, one year it could be shrubs the next trees, or a blend of the two.

Snow Removal

To make the Community usable and rentable, we have a snow budget to clear the snow.

Repairs and Maintenance

Things break down, lights go out, concrete curbs break, etc. Part of our fees make sure our subdivision is properly.


We have insurance in place to cover almost all mishaps, from signs to the gazebo to the parks and the center itself.

Our HOA fees make sure we have the funds to cover these expenses.